About IMRP

The International Meeting on Radiation Processing (IMRP) is the major international event that anyone involved in the application or science of radiation processing must attend. It is where the science and the business of irradiation come together to discuss recent advances, current trends and the issues that will impact the commercial use of ionizing radiation.

Organised every 2-3 years on a different continent by iia, IMRP returns to Europe in 2019 and will take advantage of the excellent facilities of the Palais de la Musique et des Congrès in Strasbourg. Aérial-CRT and IBA Industrial are the Regional Sponsors. Using a Conference Centre will be one of several innovations that IMRP19 will introduce.

IMRP19 will not only feature a series of presentations by world experts, it will also include a large exhibition, workshops, field visits, side events, slots for commercial presentations, flash presentations of posters, a pre-conference course for students and possibilities for participants to hold private meetings.

The joint Regional Sponsors for IMRP19 are Aérial-CRT and IBA Industrial. As usual a wide range of sponsorship opportunities will be offered. To avoid disappointment, Martin Comben at mcomben@iiaglobal.com should be contacted without delay by anyone interested in becoming a sponsor or exhibitor.

About iia

The International Irradiation Association (iia) is the organiser of the International Meeting on Radiation Processing (IMRP).

With its global and diverse membership, the iia has been the global voice for the radiation processing industry for more than 50 years and ‘Communication, Education and Advocacy’ is at the core of our activities. The Association supports the safe and beneficial use of gamma, electron beam and x-ray technologies that are used to enhance the performance and quality of industrial, healthcare, food and consumer products as well as a broad range of other applications

For more information see www.iiaglobal.com.

Welcome Message

The Board of the International Irradiation Association (iia), our Regional Sponsors Aérial-CRT and IBA Industrial invite you to join them at the 19th International Meeting on Radiation Processing (IMRP19). This event will be held during the first week of April 2019 in Strasbourg, the lovely historical city at the heart of Europe in the beautiful region of Alsace.

IMRP is ‘Where Business and Science Connect’ because we believe that good things happen when scientists and industrialists meet. One of the primary objectives of IMRP is to provide during a few days an environment that will catalyse dialogue and encourage future collaboration between the two communities. IMRP is also the showcase of the irradiation sector by providing to all actors an opportunity to present their more recent works, their products and their services. But most of all IMRP is a forum where participants learn, network and debate.

Radiation science and technology and their environment are changing. So is IMRP. While the format of the conference remains globally the same, a number of changes will take place to offer more time to visit the exhibition, to attend commercial presentations or to discuss around posters, more opportunities to interact with speakers, more than one possibility to visit state-of-the-art irradiation facilities. Thanks to the University of Reims, IMRP19 will also innovate by offering a three-day pre-conference course to the young scientists who will be part of the next generation of irradiation scientists and professionals. Finally, the Welcome Reception and the Gala Dinner will as usual be the social highlights of the event. Make sure that you do not miss this IMRP.

Rendez-vous à Strasbourg! We look forward to meeting you at IMRP19.

John Masefield
Chairman of the International Irradiation Association

Regional Sponsor Welcome


Dear industry colleagues,

As a Regional Sponsor of IMRP19, we are pleased to welcome you to our beautiful city of Strasbourg, located in the heart of Europe.

Our city has a vibrant research and industrial environment, particularly in the biotechnology sector, and is also famous for its tourist attractions.

During the IMRP19 week we are, of course, happy to invite you to visit our Technology Resources and IAEA Collaborating Centre.

For over 30 years, in addition to its research and development work in all the application sectors of radiation processing, Aérial has developed customized optical and ESR dosimetry equipment (AerODE, AerEDE, DosASAP ,...) in association with highly skilled manufacturing partners. At IMRP19 we will show our latest innovations in this important field of our industry.

During this conference you will also be able to discover FEERIX, our new R&D high energy electron-beam and X-ray irradiation facility, developed in partnership with IBA. This project is unique in the world in its technological configuration and its vocation. The building is currently under construction as an extension of our existing laboratories (dosimetry, microbiology, physical-chemistry, sensory evaluation, freeze-drying lab, etc.)

With an exciting program of lectures and specific training sessions including practical dosimetry, we aim to attract the future generation of the radiation processing community to Strasbourg, alongside the current experts and technology users.

Thus, we are proud, with all my colleagues, to contribute with Aérial’s “Best Dose of Innovation” to IMRP19, and no doubts, to its future success.

See you in Strasbourg in April 2019,
Alain Strasser
General Manager


Dear valuable IMRP participants,

It is a great honor for IBA to be, together with Aerial, the regional co-sponsor of IMRP19 and to have the opportunity to host the very prestigious IMRP audience in Strasbourg, just a stone's throw from the heart of Europe. 

We sincerely hope and believe that this 2019 Edition will be synonymous with renewal and modernity, exchange and sharing.   We are extremely excited to spend with you this week, which is very promising for its technical and scientific presentations, training and poster sessions as well as for all the networking moments we all enjoy!

This is for us a great opportunity to introduce IBA, the world leader in E-beam and X-ray accelerator solutions for industrial applications. Our headquarters is only a few hours away from Strasbourg and we will be happy to welcome you whenever you want!

The division's main market is the sterilization of single-use medical devices, but IBA Industrial is constantly evaluating and developing new markets, such as X-ray for cargo screening and food treatment.

IBA offers solutions that enable customers to sterilize medical devices either with X-ray or electron beam. These solutions offer the Industry an alternative to sterilization technologies that use chemical or radioactive components. As a matter of fact, you will have the chance to visit FEERIX, a new R&D high energy electron-beam and X-ray irradiation facility equipped with an IBA Rhodotron® TT300. 

IBA Industrial continually invests in improving the performance, reliability and energy efficiency of its product lines so we will be proud to present you the second generation of pulsed Rhodotron®, offering reduced power consumption. This efficiency increases the competitiveness of IBA products compared to linear accelerators. We will present you also the new Rhodotron® 40MeV, which offers a solution for the production of radioisotopes by nuclear photo reactions and the compact Rhodotron® TT50. Initially dedicated to the detection market, this solution can also be used by sterilization and food processing centers.

We believe that it will be a unique opportunity for each of us to discover this wonderful city and all its technological know-how. 

The whole IBA Industrial team and I are really looking forward to sharing with you these intense moments of scientific, technological and friendly exchanges that will make this IMRP 2019 another great success! 

See you in Strasbourg in April 2019!

Thomas Servais
IBA Industrial President

Why Strasbourg?

On the border of France and Germany, close to Switzerland and Belgium, Strasbourg is a green, young and vibrant city that can be visited on foot, on a bike or by tram. An excellent public transportation system makes travelling about the city very easy. The Convention and Exhibition Centre is located at the heart of the business district. From the Hilton and Mercure hotels one only needs to cross the street.

Strasbourg has two UNESCO World Heritage sites: Grande Ile, the island with its old houses around the superb gothic cathedral and since 2017 the Neustad urban complex built in 1870 when Strasbourg had become the capital of the Reichsland of Alsace Lorraine.

The official seat of the European Parliament and several other European institutions, Strasbourg also has the second largest university in France with 46,000 students, 4,600 teachers and 4 recent Nobel Prize recipients.

Alsace, the region around Strasbourg, is reputed for its cuisine and its wine. In any of the small picturesque villages along the Route des Vins (Wines Road) one can taste the famous choucroute alsacienne (sauerkraut) with a glass of Riesling before concluding the meal with a kouglopf, the traditional dessert.


Organizing Committee

Paul Wynne

Martin Comben

Programme Committee

Yves Henon


Bart Croonenborghs


Thomas Servais


Uwe Gohs


Brian McEvoy

Steris AST

Richard Wiens


Ji Sup Yoon


Xavier Coqueret

Université de Reims

Alain Strasser