Call for Laureate Nominations


The International Irradiation Association (iia) has made Laureate Awards since the second International Meeting on Radiation Processing held in 1978. The Award represents the highest honour that members of the irradiation community can bestow on their colleagues.

Two iia Laureates will be awarded at IMRP19, one Scientific Laureate and one Business Laureate. These Awards are presented to individuals that have made an outstanding contribution to the advancement of the science, technology or business of radiation processing.


Members of iia are invited to nominate candidates for recognition at IMRP19. If you wish to nominate an individual for one of the Laureates then please send your Letter of Recommendation to Martin Comben ( by 31st December 2018.

Please specify if you are nominating for a Scientific or Business Laureate. You are welcome to supply additional information (e.g. a biography) to support your nomination.


The Laureate winners are selected by the Awards Committee that is made up of members of the iia Board and staff. A structured process is used to remove subjectivity as much as possible. Each nominated individual is scored against 20 criteria that are considered to be important characteristics of a Laureate winner. Each criterion is weighted to reflect its level of importance to the Award selection process.

For any further information about the IMRP19 Laureate Awards please contact Martin Comben (