IMRP Tour: Aerial and the feerix project

In this tour, you’ll discover Aerial (IAEA Collaborating Center) and its laboratories and facilities dedicated to applied research and training in the field of radiation processing (experimental irradiation facilities, dosimetry, microbiology, physical chemistry, sensory evaluation, freeze drying labs, etc.).

Special attention will be given to its brand new feerix equipment for R&D and training, based on an IBA Rhodotron TT 300 with 2 beam lines (10 MeV Electron Beam and 5 or 7 MV X-rays).

With feerix, associated to low energy experimental facilities (Ebeam and X –rays) and its historical medium energy facility (2.5 MeV), Aerial presents a unique platform of experimental tools to accelerate innovation in the radiation processing community.

Important notice: Pre-registration required by March 1, 2019. Limited number of seats.

Departure dates and times

April 1 April 5
Tour 1 Tour 3
Departure time 12:30 08:30
Tour time 13:00-15:00 09:00-11:00
Return to Convention Center 15:30 11:30
Tour 2
Departure time 14:30
Tour time 15:00-17:00
Return to Convention Center 17:30


feerix construction site video

Rhodotron installation