Industrial Tour to BGS
with airport transfer option to Frankfurt

BGS is a specialized service provider for radiation crosslinking and radiation sterilisation. As one of the leading experts in the application of high energy radiation it operates three irradiation centres in Germany.

In Bruchsal, BGS operates two electron accelerators with an energy range of 4.5 MeV and 10.0 MeV and one gamma plant, providing services for the cable, plastic pipe, automotive and the medical devices industries.

The site hosts one of the largest conveying systems allowing eBeam treatment of dimensions up to 12 m x 1.20 m with 10 MeV electrons. In May 2018 BGS launched a new, state-of-the-art gamma irradiation facility in Bruchsal with a design capacity of 6 MCi.

During the visit you will have the possibility for a plant tour. Application specialists will be happy to discuss topics of different applications with you.

The BGS team is looking forward to meeting you in April 2019!

Important notice: Pre-registration required by March 1, 2019. Limited number of seats.
Important notice: For the visit a valid photo-ID is required.

Departure date and times

Departure date April 5, 2019
Departure time 08:30
(90 min transfer by motor coach from Strasbourg Convention Center to BGS)
Return time 13:00
Option to return to Strasbourg (90 min) or to Frankfurt Airport (90 min)

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