Pre-IMRP Course on Radiation Processing for Advanced Materials


March 27-29, 2019
University of Reims Champagne-Ardenne, Reims, France

Co-organized by University of Reims Champagne-Ardenne (URCA) and the International Irradiation Association (iia), the pre-conference training course on radiation processing of materials primarily intends to create synergies with IMRP19 through the complementarity of the scientific and technological contents.

The 3-day long training course will offer a condensed overview of radiation processing applied to material enhancement. It will emphasize the physical phenomena, the chemical mechanisms and the technological aspects of radiation processing. The attendees will thus have the keys for apprehending the sessions on advanced radiation chemistry that will be presented the following week during IMRP19. The course will strengthen their capability to carry out their academic or professional activities with a strengthened background.

Target Audience

Graduate students (MSc, PhD) and young professionals with background in physics, chemistry, biology, engineering with strong interest and motivation to acquire additional skills in the field of radiation processing. Several traineeships might become available. More information will be provided here in the coming weeks. Depending on the number of registrants, the course might also be open to other professionals.

Application for Traineeships

Selected graduate students and young professionals might be eligible for a traineeship covering travel and living expenses on a lump sum basis.


Regular attendees must register to the course via the IMRP 2019 website

Practical information about transportation to and accommodation in Reims

Structure and Contents of the Course

The programme is composed of tutorial lectures and demos. The lectures will be given by international experts from academia and industry including university professors, senior scientists from public research organizations and renowned experts from industry.

March 26 Arrival - Registration
Wednesday March 27 (Campus Moulin de la Housse – Library / Bibliothèque -Building 14)
08h15 Official welcome – opening (URCA, SEN, iia)
08h45 lecture 1 - Overview of industrial radiation processing - Y. Hénon
09h45 Coffee break
10h15 lecture 2 - Basics of radiation-matter interactions – M. Molinari
11h15 lecture 3 - Radiation-induced ageing of polymer materials - M. Ferry
Lunch – Buffet
13h30 lecture 4 - Radiation-initiated polymerization (coatings, composites) – XC
14h30 Tutorial 1 – to be determined Low energy EB, spectroscopic and physical monitoring of radiation-induced processes – X. Coqueret, M. Molinari
16h30 Transfer to Reims City Center
17h00 Guided City Tour – Reims Tourism Office (ca. 90 min)
19h00 Welcome by the President of URCA and cocktail at Villa Douce (tbc)
Thursday March 28 (Campus Moulin de la Housse - Library / Bibliothèque - Building 14)
8h00 lecture 5 - Radiation X-linking of thermoplastics and elastomers – O. Güven
9h00 lecture 6 - Monitoring of radiation-induced reactions – X. Coqueret
10h00 Coffee break
10h30 lecture 7- Radiation grafting – O. Güven
11h30 lecture 8 - Determination of G(X) and G(S), theoretical models, analytics – X. C.
12h30 Lunch at the students cafeteria Moulin de la Housse
14h00 lecture 9 Microorganisms: sanitary risks and control of bioburden in biomaterials – S. Gangloff
15h00 lecture 10 Biomaterials / Biocompatibility – S. Gangloff
16h15 Tutorial 2 - Demos at the radiation chemistry laboratory – ICMR/PFR
Friday March 29 (Campus Moulin de la Housse – - Library / Bibliothèque – Building 14)
08h00 lecture 11 – Rad.-induced formation of hydrogels and nanoparticles – O. Güven
09h00 lecture12 - Kinetics of pulsed radiation-induced reactions – R. Musat
10h00 Coffee break
10h30 lecture 13 - Radiation processing of healthcare products - part 1 – B. Lambert
11h30 lecture 14 - Radiation processing of healthcare products - part 2 – B. Lambert
12h30 Lunch at Students Canteen Moulin de la Housse
14h00 Tutorial 3 Demos at the Nanoscience Research Laboratory, M. Molinari, N. Bercu
16h30 Conclusion – Closing of the course (URCA, iia)

Scientific Committee

Andrzej Chmielewski, ICHTJ, Warsaw, Poland

Xavier Coqueret, URCA, Reims, France

Bum Soo Han, IAEA, Vienna, Austria

Michaël Molinari, URCA, Reims, France

Alain Strasser, Aerial, Illkirch, France

Organizing Committee

Christine Bouteiller, URCA, Reims, France

Xavier Coqueret, URCA, Reims, France

Yves Hénon, iia, UK