The International Meeting on Radiation Processing (IMRP) is the leading international event that anyone involved in the application or science of radiation processing must attend.  It is where the business and science of irradiation come together to discuss recent events and scientific advances as well as issues and opportunities that impact the commercial use of ionizing radiation.

IMRP is organised every 2-3 years on a different continent by the International Irradiation Association (iia).  The 20th IMRP meeting returns to Asia and will be held in Bangkok, Thailand.

The IMRP20 programme will as usual address technology science and applications but in a renewed format. Irradiation technologies, sterilization of healthcare product and phytosanitary irradiation will be covered as three separate independent forums over two days.

The importance of IMRP can be seen in the comments made in the following video.

Regional Sponsors

The joint Regional Sponsors of IMRP20 are MEVEX and STERIS Applied Sterilisation Technologies

The iia would like to thank both Regional Sponsors for their contribution and commitment to IMRP.

Local Support

Local support at IMRP20 is kindly being provided by the Thailand Institute of Nuclear Technology.

Thailand Institute of Nuclear Technology

IMRP20 is supported by