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Thank you for attending IMRP19 in Strasbourg. Our regional sponsors Aerial and IBA, the program and organizing committee, sponsors and the board of iia were delighted to welcome you to the event. We hope that you enjoyed the programme, the exhibition, side events, posters, pre-conference training course and tours as well as the opportunity to network. IMRP would not be possible without support, both financial and practical, from a wide range of people and organizations. We thank you all.

IMRP provides a unique opportunity for those involved in the global irradiation community to come together. The theme for the conference “Where Business and Science Connect” reflects an important aspect of our community and members of iia are increasingly recognized as leaders in that community.

Irradiation touches the lives of a growing and significant proportion of the global village in a positive way and on a daily basis. A vast array of materials are routinely treated to enhance their characteristics and to make them safe for use. We come into contact with these materials in homes and as we travel, they improve the quality of our lives, help to make us well when we are sick and are increasingly used to counter the impact that our lives have on the environment.

The tradition of scientific research that started with the pioneers in our industry continues to this day. We are fortunate to have passionate and exceptionally able scientists who continue to work in the field of nuclear science and technology and who continue to identify new products and new applications that require access to radiation processing. We should be proud of radiation processing and the part that we play in it.

Please visit the iia website ( to remain up-to-date with news and events in our industry. If you have not signed up to receive news from iia you can do this via our website. Please also consider joining the International Irradiation Association (iia). We are planning a number of post-IMRP updates and summaries and look forward to remaining in contact with you.

Paul Wynne
Chairman of the International Irradiation Association