Program Overview

Theme: Irradiation Technologies – Available, Sustainable and Growing

Program Overview

Theme: Irradiation Technologies – Available, Sustainable and Growing

IMRP 2024 with a theme of ‘Irradiation Technologies – Available, Sustainable and Growing’ will focus on topical issues and will highlight the importance of irradiation to life now and in the future.

Aligned with the UN goals for Sustainable Development, the irradiation industry provides valuable resources that contribute to the health and wellbeing of global industry and its citizens. Markets benefiting from irradiation include healthcare, industrial polymers, consumer products, cultural heritage, food, phytosanitary and environmental applications and materials.
The role for irradiation continues to expand especially in areas such as healthcare, food provision, high tech materials and environmental applications.
Attendees will hear from leaders exploring the ever-expanding importance of irradiation processing allowing industry to meet global needs in an economically viable, resource stable & waste efficient manner. Speakers will share insights into future opportunities for radiation processing and will address each of the key themes of the Meeting.
To add equal emphasis on the business and science aspects of radiation processing while aligning to the theme of sustainability, IMRP 2024 will have a number of options for information sharing, namely in Plenary Auditorium presentations, Tech Theatre presentations and Poster presentations.

Plenary Auditorium – The Business of Radiation Processing

Plenary presentations will provide leadership level updates on the business of radiation processing.

On day 1, attendees will hear about global business developments, challenges facing our industry, regulatory updates and sustainability.

Day 2 will contain two Applications forums, namely Health & Sterilization and Food & Phytosanitary. In these forums, leaders will update on global developments and application of radiation processing to distinct sectors of Healthcare and Food.

Day 3 and Day 4 will focus on the IMRP 2024 Theme of Sustainability, along with topics in Regulation, Leadership development and others.

Day 4 will finish with iia Awards ceremony followed by General Assembly.

IMRP Tech Theatres – The How of Radiation Processing

The Technical Theatres will be hosted in a large dynamic exhibition space and will provide an opportunity for exhibitors and industry representatives to showcase latest innovation and developments. Tech Theatres will focus on the ‘how’ of delivering radiation processing – latest equipment, techniques such as modelling, developments in dosimetry, etc. applicable to all radiation processing sectors.

Poster Presentations – The Science of Radiation Processing

Poster presentations offer the opportunity to showcase the science of radiation processing. Posters may show any fundamental, innovative, developmental and iterative research in the scope of IMRP. Posters will be judged by an elected IMRP committee and winning posters will be afforded plenary presentation opportunities to the full audience of IMRP 2024.

With a diverse program covering both business and science of radiation processing, a call for abstracts will be issued in early November with a close date of March 1, 2024. The objective of the call for abstracts is to seek submissions across a range of topics including but not limited to industry developments, supplier innovation, scientific R&D, sustainability, regulatory and educational development. Received abstracts will be reviewed by a carefully selected Program Committee who will align presentations to either Plenary, Tech Theatre or Poster presentations based on content and target audience.

Finally, it is with the support of you, the irradiation processing industry, iia and its sponsors that a comprehensive program may be compiled befitting the quality of IMRP.

See you in Costa Rica in 2024.

Dr. Brian McEvoy, Program Chair
Professor Rob Edgecock, Program Co-Chair

Call for Abstracts

Extended Abstract Deadline: March 1, 2024