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Poster and PPT guidelines

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On the day before your presentation, please go to the speaker check-in at the registration desk to have a look at the PPT we have on file for you and verify the formatting and any embedded videos on our presentation PCs. 

If you have an updated PPT, you have to bring it on a USB key and upload it at the speaker check-in desk the day before your presentation, and verify that all content displays correctly 

Uploading your PPT last minute on the day of your presentation may prevent the complete testing of your updated file.  

If you have polling questions, we will explain to you how this will work at the speaker check-in desk as well. Corrections to polling questions can only be made at the speaker check-in desk the day before your presentation. We are not able to make changes to polls once you arrived at your session. 

ARRIVAL AT YOUR SESSION – 30 min before session start

Please meet the technician at the tech table in your session room, 30 min before end of the break, to review the computer and stage set-up and see how to launch your presentation. 


You will be presenting from a podium. You will not be able to walk on the stage while speaking.

There will be a laptop at a high table directly beside the podium:

  • All speakers will open their own PPT at the laptop.
  • The mouse can be used for pointing at details on slides.
  • Presenter View is available.
  • A timer will be within your field of vision to help you keep on time.
  • Presenting from personal laptops is not permitted.
PowerPoint Guidelines
Poster Guidelines
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